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8 Misconceptions about gambling

Did you know these stupid 8 myths about gambling? Find out how casino is misunderstood due to these lies.

In the beginning there was truth, which understood in the wrong way appeared to become a huge lie. Everything would be fine if this lie wasn’t that capable to ruin our lives. Things with the misconceptions in gambling are not different. Every day we hear some false statements about casino games and sport betting companies. And while we are wondering why people believe in these things, these same things actually affect the way we win and the way we are capable to win.

We present you a set with eight misconceptions about gambling that you should definitely hear and never forget. They will open your eyes for many things you might have been deaf about till this moment:

  1. All bookmakers are aware of the final result in a game before the event even starts. We are almost sure who might have thought of such a stupid thing – the biggest fans of a certain soccer team or something like that. We are sorry, but your players just suck. The bookies have nothing to do with that.
  2. When you don’t win, but you were that close, you are probably right now due to a win, so you don’t have to give up. There are no dues in gambling. There are skills and there’s luck. If these things are on your side today, you might win. But we repeat, you might win…
  3. The more slot machines I play at once the better. The same goes on the poker tables I am sitting right now. In both cases you mostly lose concentration rather than increasing your chances for a potential profit.
  4. BC/49 tickets have more chances to be winning rather than the Lotto 6/49 tickets. Honestly? Who even made that calculation at all? Because we have never even heard any logical explanation of this misconceptions.
  5. Lucky charms do work in gambling. Lucky charms are small objects we carry anywhere – whether in a casino or when we go on an exam – to become more confident. Some people get more motivated and capable through the confidence. Others don’t get any benefits of these small lucky things…
  6. The casino will eventually pay me back if I continue winning or it will lose me as a customer. No casino cares for you that much. At least it doesn’t care for you in such an individual way. If you log out, the casino is not going to burst into tears for you leave.
  7. The system can actually beat the odds, but it’s tough to be applied. Some people claim to have discovered it. But these people are not those who have taken the biggest jackpots in gambling industry.
  8. You should exclude the excitement from your gambling, because you get so much absent-minded with it. Absolutely no. On the contrary, when you stop having fun, you stop being a real gambler.

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