development of slot machines

From A One-Armed Lever To A One-Finger Smartphone

Read about the development of slot machines from the early 20th century to the early 21st century. Understand how casino slot game has become a source of entertainment and money.

In online casinos, the popularity of slot machines is continuously rising. The reason is that software developers are multiplying their efforts into introducing innovation and achieving perfection in these games. When a novel slot is released, it unleashes great excitement in players’ minds to try their fortune.

A Window to Online Slots

When you log in to an online casino and steer your attention to online slots, you will observe that the possibilities of these games are infinite. You can view a wide gamut with disparate animations, graphics, and bonus features. There is no doubt in mind that your first login to the online slots will have you dumbfounded. The choices rendered by these are almost endless. Typically, you will detect that almost all online casinos have more than 300 varieties of slots.

A quick way of handling this situation is that initially, you can try free slots. After some experience with these, you can conclude that some games have enticed you, and you can digest their strategies quickly. On the other hand, some games don’t appeal to you, and you struggle to apply their techniques. With this foundation, you can check your luck in the actual slot games.

The History of Classic Slots

During the initial years of the 20th century, the United States came up with the first slot machines. The game soon spread to the United Kingdom, Australia, and other global locations. At this time, slot games became known as ‘the classics.’ They had a reel that supported 10 symbols. The standard poker playing cards were used to create these symbols. Gradually, there were changes in the count of reels, and a classic 3-reel layout and a 5-reel layout came into existence.

During this period, slot games were not associated with gigantic prize money. Winners of a game were given tokens, which they could use to obtain various prizes, such as soap, chewing gum, and cigarettes, among others. Thus, this was not a serious gambling encounter but a novel theme to test a person’s daily luck and return home with some objects.

One-Armed Bandits

In the 1960s, the advent of electro-mechanical designs modified the game, which had flashier and faster designs. When a jackpot was won, the ambiance was filled with chiming sounds and flashing lights. This was termed the ‘Vegas experience.’ These electro-mechanical designs substituted the conventional springs and levers, and the masses called it by a nickname ‘one-armed bandits.’

One lever was pulled to spin the reels, which resulted in the inclusion of the word ‘one-armed’ in the nickname. These games deprived the unfortunate players of their hard-earned money; hence, the word ‘bandits’ was used while coining the game’s name.

The evolution of the classic slots has given us online slots today. Using modern technology, Software Developers are entertaining us and enabling us to win money when we log in to ib888, a Thailand online casino with world-class standards.

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