Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

Best Paying Jobs at Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

Casino jobs that are well paid but involve many responsibilities include positions such as internal auditor property general manager

Some casino jobs are low paid while other positions are sought after because of the tips and big salaries they earn. Among the jobs that pay well are casino property general manager, internal auditor, shift manager, and director of operations.

Internal Auditor

Internal auditors are tasked with monitoring for fraud and failures of compliance and with managing casino operational data. The responsibilities of auditors also include reviewing of procedures and controls to ensure compliance with company, local, and state requirements and submitting recommendations and findings to the corporate and local management in case of system issues and weaknesses. Employers usually require a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and familiarity with sampling methods and tests of details and controls. Ideal candidates not only have experience with auditing business processes and operations but have strong relationship building, interpersonal, verbal and written communication, organizational, and analytical skills.

Casino Property General Manager

In general, property managers are responsible for everyone and everything going on at the establishment. They monitor personnel and property maintenance and oversee operations. Their responsibilities include monitoring forecasts, budgets, and operating expenses and ensuring compliance with state regulations. Casino property general managers are also tasked with overseeing, dismissing, training, and hiring non-management level staff and supervisors. Sometimes managers also approve or develop work schedules or shifts. Whether working for a physical or web-based casino, this job requires excellent analytical, leadership, and customer service skills and general knowledge of casino games like roulette, craps, blackjack, and situs poker online and standard games.

Director of Operations

This job is one of the most demanding and responsible at all gambling venues. Directors of operations are tasked with monitoring operations, supervising staff, organizing tournaments, and overseeing live dealer casinos. They also have the duty of developing new business strategies and establishing, implementing, and supervising department procedures and policies on table and slot games. It is their responsibility to ensure that financial targets and gaming budgets are fully met. In addition, directors of operations supervise, direct, and manage all employees and determine table hold and slot percentage payout. They also monitor and analyze how different games perform and develop and recommend strategies for optimization. It is their duty to submit an operational overview that complies with access to sensitive areas, signatory abilities, and reporting relationships.

Shift Manager

The responsibilities of shift managers mainly focus on the gaming floor but they have other duties as well. They supervise employees to ensure that they offer excellent service. Shift managers also coordinate with different casino departments to achieve high operational efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. They are tasked with meeting approved budgets and department and project goals and milestones. Employers typically require 1 – 3 years of experience at the supervisory level, excellent knowledge of department operations, and at least a high school diploma. 

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