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Here’s how poker helps you in your career progress

See how your activity in qiuqiu99 can actually help you to grow in your career life. Find out how both of these things look alike and similar.

If someone has told that you are wasting your time in playing poker or any other cool and interesting qiuqiu99 game, tell is to go…to a quiet place and read this material attentively. Below, we are going to show you how exactly poker can help you in progressing in your career way. Don’t leave the page, it’s a very intriguing article to read.

  1. It’s all about the good strategy. Whether you are going on an interview of the dreamed job, heading to a new job position in your current company or you entering a poker tournament, having a plan A, as well as at least one plan B, is a must, isn’t it?
  2. Many experts in the field claim that emotions have no place on the poker table. But that’s not something we would agree with. As a matter of fact, what’s important in playing poker – an in gambling in general – is to control your emotions. It’s also called emotional maturity. You are not forbidden to be happy about getting a great hand. But you shouldn’t show your smile at all. And this emotional maturity is definitely going to help you in career growth. For instance, one of the most frequently asked question on an interview for a new job is how well you deal with conflicts at work.
  3. Considering at least 10 variants of what’s going on is crucial for poker gamblers. It’s also called playing versatility-related poker style. But in your professional life things are quite similar. Think about how better it would be for if you always consider all the pros and all the cons of getting that promotion in the office. Sometimes, too good is definitely not good at all, you have learnt that the tough way.
  4. Discipline is the king. It’s the rule in poker, but it’s also an amazing power for your career progress. No employee gets to the highest possible position without being disciplined through all of the years. And no inpatient person managed to survive in the tough business environment.
  5. Next time, it will be better. Hopes are not bad things. They help us shake off after a loss in poker. They also prevent us from getting into a depression during a serious job search and specifically after a failed interview. The thing is that both of them – poker players and job seekers – must on mandatory learn from their mistakes. And those who already have a job should keep taking the benefits of the lessons any mistake in the office gives them.

Poker is not just similar to our professional life. In many cases, it might be similar even to ordinary life. Every day we risk, win and lose. The point is to start as a decent man the next game, right?

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