avoid negative tipsters

Top ways to avoid negative tipsters

See the tipsters not to use when trying to place a bet in UFA800. Discover the four types of tipsters to on mandatory avoid.

Finding a good tipster to rely on might be even harder than occurring on a reliable betting house. In sport betting industry the volume of all the platforms and helpful materials we can find in the web has been increasing massively. The thing is that bookmakers like UFA800 are precisely checked and regulated by concrete authorities and official agencies, while tipsters seem to remain independent players with significant liberty for actions in the market.

If you are one of those passionate punters who prefer to lean on tipsters once in a while (or in all of the bets you place) then this material might be quite useful for you. We would like to offer you some guides regarding how to avoid negative tipsters:

  1. There’s a big group of tipsters who are literally copy-pasters. These people sell some other tipster’s tips. Of course, there’s no guarantee concretely for these tips to be 100% incorrect, but in 90% of the cases they are paid, which means you will pay for something that is originally written by another person and then, offered at a zero cost somewhere else.
  2. Social media tipsters are not authorities to rely on. Sorry, guys, but not everything you come upon in the social network groups, feeds and pages is 100% true. And not all the tips in channels like Instagram or Facebook are reliable. As a matter of fact, no expert tipster is going to spread his own professionally made predictions in a free channel such as a social network.
  3. Tipsters who will secretly share you (of course, exclusively and only to you) information that is almost classified should be avoided. These guys usually don’t have analytic skills. They don’t rely on stats or some background information about the teams and their matches up to now. They have intuition and they will dress it in some “true spirit” by telling you that they have got inside information. Well, no person with inside information regarding the outcome of football matches will spread it all over the web rather than using it for his own sake.
  4. Tipsters who work for concrete bookmakers are not very reliable. In this case we say “not very reliable” aiming to tell you that not all of these tipsters lie or have no skills. Unfortunately, some of them are forced to work for bookies, despite of the fact they don’t want to, because they have no other alternative. In all cases, we believe that it is more trustworthy to rely on independent tipsters. And working for a bookie is not independence at all.

If by any chance you are using tips made by such tipsters better stop today. Look for a new source of tips immediately. These tipsters will affect more negatively than positively on your final sport betting success.

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